Wednesday, March 20, 2013

imogene + willie

Let me tell you this great place: imogene + willie.
imogene + willie is run out of Nashville, Tennessee and handcrafts some of the best denim pieces you will ever put on your body. It is a mom and pop shop that hit the big time, and their pieces can now be found in other stores across the country.
What makes them so great? Well, well, well, here's three reasons why:

  • They emulate that effortless "Americana" (or rather- "no, no, I just roll out of bed looking perfectly rustic and easy-going and stylish everyday") style so well.
  • They are built on some great foundations and touching stories that you can read here.
  • Their instagram consists of mostly pictures of their yellow lab. Done. I'm sold.
I recently bought a pair of the Imogene Slims and I feel like my street cred has already gone up. Plus- gotta mention this- word on the street (which I now know about because of my newly claimed cred) is that because these suckers are made out of all natural fibers, you can just pop them into the refrigerator for a quick refresher rather than washing them. Put my clothes in the refrigerator ? What kind of freaky world is this?! DOUBLE SOLD.

Now take a look and fall in love with me:

<Plus there's him. Sooo... Tripple sold.

all images via imogene + willie

Sunday, March 17, 2013

As promised! Enjoy for the rest of March!
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Hiatus Schmiatus

Hello hello! Sorry for the hiatus. Lately my head has felt like this (see above).
Busy things have been in the works. Busy schedules, decisions to make, news to hear; everything decided to buzz these past few weeks.

I'm ready to jump back on the bandwagon though. This month's playlist to come later tonight.