Friday, January 24, 2014

new blog up and running

New Year. New Blog. Lot's of changes!

Come see at!

Thanks for following me this far, and all my old posts can be found on the new blog, too! Go take a look and don't forget to follow the new blog on bloglovin!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just a quick update & a peek into the National Geographic's Archives

All is not lost! I am back in America after having an absolutely wonderful time in England, and I am currently gearing up for the upcoming school year!
In other developments: I've been working on progressing the new, fancy, cool blog that I mentioned before, trying to finish an online biology course before it finishes me, and have taken up (and sticking to!) yoga (Holla, summer bucket list! I haven't forgotten you!).
I'd really really like to save my fancy London pictures and show them off on the new blog when it goes up, so for now, here's this little gem:

What is that? No, it is not an outtake from The Amanda Show (untimely?). Why, that is a picture that is a part of the National Geographic's archives that they recently released via tumblr. Some of the shots are truly *interesting, others are kind of weird. Here's a few more great ones (after the jump!):

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello from London!

Quick update from London:
We are having a lot of fun seeing the city. So far gone to see Stonehenge and Bath, and toured a lot of beautiful and interesting places in London. Favorite things is that I'm getting tons of opportunities to feed my inner Anne Boleyn Fan Girl (it's a real thing), and I really can't get over the fact that royalty is a real thing in this country. I know that sounds dumb, but you hear about real queens and junk and think "yeah, okay. I like that. Good for them, I'm sure." Then you see it all, like the palaces and ceremonies, and it is the real deal! A lot of times these tours of castles almost seem like a serious theme park or something.
 I'll post other (and better) updates when I have to ability to upload pictures along with it. Until then, I can say that the time change is so weird. I am going to bed when it's the middle of the afternoon in Texas. One day we had to wake up really early, and people from home were still out on the town from the previous night. I am real life living in the future.
PROOF: these pictures were taken around 9:30 AM- it was 3:30 AM back in Texas. WHAT?! Blows my mind.

That's all for now as my computer is about to die and my brother has stolen my charger. Family vacations, am I right?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Going Across the Pond Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I'll be on a plane on my way to London. I can't help right now but to hope that everyone is  more like Julie Andrews and less like the characters on Skins. Also, I am really hoping to not get haunted by anything. I hear that's common in England. I am also hoping I understand everything that people say to me. (No really. It's going to be confusing.)
I am also hoping this doesn't happen to me:
Photo via The Chalk White Arrow's blog in her recent trip to England.
I would be less like ^^that^^ and more like this:

So keep your fingers crossed for me. Hope for crumpets, corgis, and nannies that burst into songs; no people-loving-birds, ghosts, and weird English slang (or not a lot of it.)
I'm going to try to blog across the pond, but in case the internet is broken in the UK I'll be sure to share a lot when I'm back. Until then, be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates!

PS original Julie Andrews picture via here. Graphics by me.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Learning how to speak English in England (Things British People Say)

Only a few more days till I am London bound! Today is mostly dedicated to getting together a few last minute things before I depart. PS, if anyone can answer this question for me, I'll be extremely grateful: To pack rain boots or not to pack rain boots? I know it's a lot rainier than Texas, but are they worth packing?

In my preparation, I've been researching how to better communicate with the Brits. I'm getting a little worried. Did you know "pants" is short for "underpants"!? If that's the case, then what else do I not know! Here are some of the phrases I've learned to say (and not to say) after the jump!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Help Me Pick My Glasses!

I've said for years that I don't have depth perception. Recently, it's been scientifically proven. I went to the eye doctor, and they tested out the old lookin' balls. My vision is still 20/20, but my right eye is slow on perceiving depth. End of the story- I'm testing out some glasses to see if it helps me out. I picked out 5 frames, and ordered the Home Try On Kit from Warby Parker.
More after the jump!

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Changes for the Blog in the Works

Lot's of good news on the blogging frontier. Here are some new changes to the blog you can look forward to:
New (or more like revised) Name 
A location under our own domain name
New Weekly Series
New Logo

As all these changes come underway, I thought I'd share the process of how I'm making all these new things here with you guys. I'd appreciate any input! First thing I put together was a mood board for the new blog logo/general feel of the blog. This will serve as a "home base" as I make and design the blog. This is sort of a first draft as I'm not completely sold on how this feels (more after the jump!)