Sunday, July 28, 2013

Learning how to speak English in England (Things British People Say)

Only a few more days till I am London bound! Today is mostly dedicated to getting together a few last minute things before I depart. PS, if anyone can answer this question for me, I'll be extremely grateful: To pack rain boots or not to pack rain boots? I know it's a lot rainier than Texas, but are they worth packing?

In my preparation, I've been researching how to better communicate with the Brits. I'm getting a little worried. Did you know "pants" is short for "underpants"!? If that's the case, then what else do I not know! Here are some of the phrases I've learned to say (and not to say) after the jump!

DISCLAIMER: I am clearly not from England. That being said, I've found these through the magic of internet research, not actual experience. Correct me if anything is wrong!

All right?- Meant as a greeting, the normal way to answer is to say "All right?" back as a question.
Best of British- Essentially means "good luck". 
Blinkered- Someone that is narrow minded. 
Bob's your uncle- Apparently a well-used phrase... means "and that's that!" Usually tagged onto the end of a story or something.
Chuffed- Really pleased with something.
Do- Apparently has a lot of meanings, but a party is one of them.
Fanny- I usually do not use this word, but for the record, don't say it! No fanny packs, none of it. Fanny refers to women's genitalia in England!
Give us a bell- Give us a call
Kip- A nap.
Knock up- To wake someone up.
Potty- Crazy.
Read- If someone asks you what you read at school (or university, as they would say); they are asking what your major is.
Spend a penny- Go to the bathroom.
Tickety boo- Something is going really well with no problems.

Those are some of the ones I thought were the most interesting or might come in handy across the pond. You can read a ton more here... Now I'll get back to learning some more English.

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