Monday, July 8, 2013

How to Talk to Little Girls

I thought this would be a nice segway from all my SB5 related posts into some of my more usual subjects; not that I'll be completely stopping the updates!

This is a lovely article from Lisa Bloom that discusses how people typically approach little girls and young women. Bloom remarks that more often than not, when we meet a new young girl we will ordinarily "ooo" and "aaah" over their appearance as an ice-breaker. After I read this article, I have to admit, I totally do that!

It is a definite habit of mine, and many, to use "I love your dress" as the first thing said when meeting a new little girl. Bloom, however, explains that although we don't mean it to be, this is unhealthy to many young girls. By first commenting on her appearance, it perpetuates the idea that the first, and most important, thing you notice about a girl is how she looks. It enforces the idea that we are more interested in how a young girl looks than her interests. Instead you should ask things like, "What're you reading?", "What are you up to this summer?", "What's your favorite subject at school?"

Today, I'll be starting a job as an art teacher to third graders. I'll be interested in putting Bloom's advice into practice and seeing how it pays off!

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