Tuesday, January 22, 2013

UO's Spring 2013 Look Book

On a different side of the fashion spectrum- Urban Outfitters has released their Spring 2013 look book. IT IS FANTASTIC. Loose locks, pastels, florals, and polka dots- it is all I could hope for. The styles are so retro and feminine, while still maintaining a playful, almost tom boy, vibe. Here are a few pictures of my favorite looks and here is the link to the complete look book.

Monday, January 21, 2013


As a huge Michelle Obama fan (and a proud owner of this bag)- I am always so excited to see what Michelle, Malia, and Sasha will be wearing. As always, they did not disappoint. 
The First Lady wore a Thom Browne coat, which she accessorized with a J Crew belt, and her brand new bangs. Thom Browne typically specializes in menswear and Michelle's coat is actually made from the same material as ties- cool, huh? 
Then we have the first daughters were looking precious, as per usual, with Malia wearing J. Crew and Sasha in Kate Spade. Excellent choice ladies. (And extra special props to Sasha for wearing Tracy Reese's Plenty Mariposa dress from Anthropologie at President Obama's Swearing-In ceremony yesterday. Pictured below.) Through my creeping, it also looks like Sasha is wearing a special purple version of Kate Spade's Striped Carolyn Dress. Now I just want to see the girls dresses for real and, of course, the inauguration gown!

While I'm gushing, check out their outfits from the night before. Too perfect.

all images via The Huffington Post

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New and Improved

Welcome to the new and improved.
I've got a lot of great stuff to share, and I'm excited to really get this puppy up and running. 
SPEAKING OF PUPPIES, I am currently blogging from one of my favorite ATX coffee shops, Thunderbird Coffee, and I am just watching all these puppies and dogs come and go as they please (or, more accurately, as their owners want). That is entertainment at it's finest... actually this is:



It's raining, raining, raining, in Austin and everywhere in between. I drove back to Austin from Longview yesterday afternoon and there was not a single moment of sunshine. Now, I'm just procrastinating, watching Millionaire Matchmaker, and feeling homesick. Although I love Austin, I miss my parents and the comfort of just being at home. Above are some pictures my mama and I took this past week. They were for an online contest, but also significant for our family because the cotton is from our cotton farm in West Texas. We had a lot of fun taking them pretending like we were little professionals. Today should be a day of productivity, but the rain outside is not really helping... and neither is Bravo. 
Any spare willpower anyone has lying around would be much appreciated.

East Texas

20130105-222319.jpg 20130105-222329.jpg 20130105-222354.jpg 20130105-222431.jpg 20130105-222404.jpg 20130105-222415.jpg 20130105-222424.jpg 20130105-222442.jpg
Because I'm about to be headed back to Austin, I'm cramming in all the East Texas I can. Today was the full blown East Texas experience. My mom, dad, and I headed over to Canton's First Monday Trade Days, which is always an experience to say the least. You kind find some great stuff here, and some weird stuff you had no idea existed. We went with the intention of finding a bookcase for my apartment... seeing as how my printer and half of my book collection have been hanging out on the floor of my bedroom for the past few months... I felt lucky that we found the white, distressed, metal shelf unit that's pictured above! What a gem!
We did not, however, think about how we'd be getting this home... there was room for two people and a bookshelf in the car, which didn't exactly fit with our current situation. Who knew my parents had a pair of medical scissors in their car that could function as a makeshift screwdriver? (Hint: no one did. Surprise, surprise!) Believe it or not, medical scissors are not the most effective screwdriving device. With that discovery having been made, I rode home from Canton on top of a bookshelf in the back seat. But that is really all okay, because then we ate at Country Tavern (world famous for their barbeque) where I got to have brisket that is the standard to which all other briskets are held to, and blackberry cobbler that is crafted by God, himself. I absolutely insist that we eat there every time I come home.
After Canton, Country Tavern, and un uncomfortable car ride, I (and my books and my printer) are very happy for the East Texas adventure had today.

Pointed in the Right Direction

1. Lauren Moffatt Dress, on sale for $259 at Poppy NYC.
2: Straight Shot Necklace for $38 at Anthropologie.
3: Pink Points Wrap Around Wallet Pouch for $46 at Falcon Wright.
4: Coral Arrows Scarf for $120 at Block Shop.

My Top 10 Albums of 2012

 Happy New Year, everyone!! I hope everyone had a great time saying goodbye to 2012 last night. I cannot believe it's already gone- and 2013?! That sounds some made up future year. As the year was winding to a close (and  after spending waaay too many hours driving across Texas), I sifted through some of my favorite songs & albums from 2012 to pick out my very favorites to share here. It's funny listening to some songs now- it's almost like looking at old pictures. Within the first few seconds of a song, I am instantly reminded of when it would be blaring through my car speakers in Austin on the way to Magnolia Cafe in the summer time, or playing through my earphones as I walked to my car after rehearsals in the fall. I've picked a "representative" song from each of the albums, which I've put into a Best of 2012 playlist on spotify (click below to listen).

 1. First Aid Kit: The Lion's Roar, King of the World
 2. Dirty Projectors: Swing Lo Magellan, Unto Caesar
 3. San Cisco: Awkward, Awkward
 4. Lord Huron: Lonesome Dreams, Time to Run
 5. Sucre: A Minor Bird, Say Something
 6. Tennis: Young & Old, Vegas
 7. Passion Pit: Gossamer, I'll Be Alright
 8. Taylor Swift: Red, Stay, Stay, Stay
 9. The Avett Brothers: The Carpenter, Pretty Girl from Michigan
 10. Stars: The North, The North

 image via: here

2012 Round-Up

20130101-124531.jpg  20130101-124543.jpg  20130101-124553.jpg
  20130101-124601.jpg  20130101-124611.jpg  20130101-124627.jpg
  20130101-124643.jpg  20130101-124652.jpg  20130101-124659.jpg
  20130101-124706.jpg  20130101-124713.jpg  20130101-152914.jpg
  January- Started the year off with a bang and bangs! This is a picture of when Teeny Baby the pony came to campus- one of the best days of my college career. I'm not really sure why Teeny Baby was at school, probably just wanted to further his education.
  February- Remember when I made over 50 Valentines in a day? Yikes. But I now know all the best Macaroon places in Austin (I'm looking at you La Boite Cafe!) and the value of having a Paper Source close by.
  March- Welcomed Spring Break with a trip to The Sherwood Forest Faire with my boyfriend, Colin (pictured), and good friend, Kenneth!
  April- I always love Easter fashion because it seems to bring out the frilly side of us all. I'm wearing one of my favorite Tracy Reese dresses. You can see my brother, Charlie, even broke out the bow-tie (not that we really had to ask.)
  May- I WAS A DEBUTANTE! I took my Texas Dip and welcomed some of my closest friends from Austin and California to East Texas. This was such a fun time, and probably the closest I'll ever get to being Scarlett O'Hara.
  June- I spent my summer in Austin where I worked at Antropologie and interned at a Museum. At the museum, one of my primary posts was the coloring table. This drawing was one of my favorites. It says "I am Mean Teacher" with the mean teacher saying "Knock it off dumbo!" to the kid she's holding upside down. That's the art of the future, everybody.
  July- July was filled with lot's of trips to the Green Belt with Colin, more days spent at Anthropologie and the Blanton, and getting in gear for the upcoming school year!
  August- I crafted a poodle costume that I am all too proud of. It was for my sorority's "Big Little Reveal." We were a little Parisian Pair, with her as the poodle and me as a Frenchie.
  September- School is in swing, and I was lucky enough to be cast in the world premiere of the play Scarlet Letter. It was a super fun and mind blowing process, where I met some of the best people who have become some of my close friends. In the picture you can see how stoked my friend, Alison, and I were about some of our publicity that went up.
  October- October is my favorite month because it is my birthday month. It was also the month of ACL where I got to see some of my very favorite bands perform live with some of my very favorite people!
  November- I LOADED UP MY CAR WITH SOME LOYAL CITIZENS AND WE WENT TO GO VOTE! Yes, I am that lady already. I drove my friends in the Vote Wagon during lunch on election day so our voices could be heard. We felt quite American and proud.
  December- This is one of my favorite Christmas accomplishments. My mom and I built the star gingerbread house at a gingerbread making class. Why yes, those are twizzler bricks and chocolate coin shingles on the roof. We can only hope that we can top this Christmas craft in the future.