Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Top 10 Albums of 2012

 Happy New Year, everyone!! I hope everyone had a great time saying goodbye to 2012 last night. I cannot believe it's already gone- and 2013?! That sounds some made up future year. As the year was winding to a close (and  after spending waaay too many hours driving across Texas), I sifted through some of my favorite songs & albums from 2012 to pick out my very favorites to share here. It's funny listening to some songs now- it's almost like looking at old pictures. Within the first few seconds of a song, I am instantly reminded of when it would be blaring through my car speakers in Austin on the way to Magnolia Cafe in the summer time, or playing through my earphones as I walked to my car after rehearsals in the fall. I've picked a "representative" song from each of the albums, which I've put into a Best of 2012 playlist on spotify (click below to listen).

 1. First Aid Kit: The Lion's Roar, King of the World
 2. Dirty Projectors: Swing Lo Magellan, Unto Caesar
 3. San Cisco: Awkward, Awkward
 4. Lord Huron: Lonesome Dreams, Time to Run
 5. Sucre: A Minor Bird, Say Something
 6. Tennis: Young & Old, Vegas
 7. Passion Pit: Gossamer, I'll Be Alright
 8. Taylor Swift: Red, Stay, Stay, Stay
 9. The Avett Brothers: The Carpenter, Pretty Girl from Michigan
 10. Stars: The North, The North

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