Saturday, January 19, 2013

East Texas

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Because I'm about to be headed back to Austin, I'm cramming in all the East Texas I can. Today was the full blown East Texas experience. My mom, dad, and I headed over to Canton's First Monday Trade Days, which is always an experience to say the least. You kind find some great stuff here, and some weird stuff you had no idea existed. We went with the intention of finding a bookcase for my apartment... seeing as how my printer and half of my book collection have been hanging out on the floor of my bedroom for the past few months... I felt lucky that we found the white, distressed, metal shelf unit that's pictured above! What a gem!
We did not, however, think about how we'd be getting this home... there was room for two people and a bookshelf in the car, which didn't exactly fit with our current situation. Who knew my parents had a pair of medical scissors in their car that could function as a makeshift screwdriver? (Hint: no one did. Surprise, surprise!) Believe it or not, medical scissors are not the most effective screwdriving device. With that discovery having been made, I rode home from Canton on top of a bookshelf in the back seat. But that is really all okay, because then we ate at Country Tavern (world famous for their barbeque) where I got to have brisket that is the standard to which all other briskets are held to, and blackberry cobbler that is crafted by God, himself. I absolutely insist that we eat there every time I come home.
After Canton, Country Tavern, and un uncomfortable car ride, I (and my books and my printer) are very happy for the East Texas adventure had today.

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