Saturday, January 19, 2013

2012 Round-Up

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  January- Started the year off with a bang and bangs! This is a picture of when Teeny Baby the pony came to campus- one of the best days of my college career. I'm not really sure why Teeny Baby was at school, probably just wanted to further his education.
  February- Remember when I made over 50 Valentines in a day? Yikes. But I now know all the best Macaroon places in Austin (I'm looking at you La Boite Cafe!) and the value of having a Paper Source close by.
  March- Welcomed Spring Break with a trip to The Sherwood Forest Faire with my boyfriend, Colin (pictured), and good friend, Kenneth!
  April- I always love Easter fashion because it seems to bring out the frilly side of us all. I'm wearing one of my favorite Tracy Reese dresses. You can see my brother, Charlie, even broke out the bow-tie (not that we really had to ask.)
  May- I WAS A DEBUTANTE! I took my Texas Dip and welcomed some of my closest friends from Austin and California to East Texas. This was such a fun time, and probably the closest I'll ever get to being Scarlett O'Hara.
  June- I spent my summer in Austin where I worked at Antropologie and interned at a Museum. At the museum, one of my primary posts was the coloring table. This drawing was one of my favorites. It says "I am Mean Teacher" with the mean teacher saying "Knock it off dumbo!" to the kid she's holding upside down. That's the art of the future, everybody.
  July- July was filled with lot's of trips to the Green Belt with Colin, more days spent at Anthropologie and the Blanton, and getting in gear for the upcoming school year!
  August- I crafted a poodle costume that I am all too proud of. It was for my sorority's "Big Little Reveal." We were a little Parisian Pair, with her as the poodle and me as a Frenchie.
  September- School is in swing, and I was lucky enough to be cast in the world premiere of the play Scarlet Letter. It was a super fun and mind blowing process, where I met some of the best people who have become some of my close friends. In the picture you can see how stoked my friend, Alison, and I were about some of our publicity that went up.
  October- October is my favorite month because it is my birthday month. It was also the month of ACL where I got to see some of my very favorite bands perform live with some of my very favorite people!
  November- I LOADED UP MY CAR WITH SOME LOYAL CITIZENS AND WE WENT TO GO VOTE! Yes, I am that lady already. I drove my friends in the Vote Wagon during lunch on election day so our voices could be heard. We felt quite American and proud.
  December- This is one of my favorite Christmas accomplishments. My mom and I built the star gingerbread house at a gingerbread making class. Why yes, those are twizzler bricks and chocolate coin shingles on the roof. We can only hope that we can top this Christmas craft in the future.

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