Monday, July 1, 2013

SB 5 Update #3: Hearings to Happen Tomorrow

 "The bigger issue at stake is that a primarily wealthy male legislature is determining what SHOULD be a decision between a doctor, a woman, and whatever deity in which a woman believes (if any). They are not in there discussing the man’s obligation and role in a woman’s pregnancy in the first place, men’s rights to Viagra, standards for safe surgical procedures for vasectomies or prostate cancer, rape prevention measures, or appropriate and realistic sex education to prevent pregnancy in the first place. It is just one more example of a tiresome sexist view that a woman is not only responsible for her behavior and choices, but also a man’s."
If you would like to argue against me about SB5, I am going to refer you to this quote from this very helpful article that essentially sums up my views. If you would still like to argue, however, I've never been one to turn that down. But I will probably also ask you to play this song and replace "gotten over it" with "gone over it"- as that is shorter and easier for me.

I really did not think I would be blogging about SB5 this much. However, I am extremely passionate about this subject, and I really do believe that this is an effective platform for me to reach a lot of people that would like to stay up to date. Whether that be so that they, too, can get involved or just see what I'm doing. Also, this blog is a helpful device for me to remember my own experiences and catalogue this piece of history for myself. That being said- I will try to post things that I find helpful or interesting, or resources that I believe help better educate us on our stance with Texas women. However, I will not be dedicating this blog to the subject; nor can I promise that I will update readily enough for you to rely on this blog as your sole source of information on the bill.
I will be returning to some of my more regular-ish posts soon (including a new series!), but I feel that this certainly takes priority over things like that now.

Official Notice of the Public Hearing
Facebook Event for the Hearing
Essentially, we're doing it over again. Please come to share a short testimony, or just for your support.
Also here's a video of Natalie Manes singing "I'm Not Ready to Make Nice" from the rally today that also pretty well sums up everyone's views.

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