Saturday, June 15, 2013

3. Bake an Apple Pie

Earlier this month, I started a Summer Bucket List filled with activities that I've either always wanted to try or just seem like the perfect way to spend a summer's day. This past week, I took a crack at it and made an apple pie. Click "read more" to see how it turned out.

I wanted to make an apple pie because, hey, they're delicious, and also they're my boyfriend's favorite dessert. Also, I had heard somewhere that making an apple pie was sort of a task to master, and I wanted to earn my pie-making stripes. In retrospect, I might have made that up because this pie wasn't all that difficult to make. I followed this recipe, and aside from all the chopping and peeling, it was pretty simple.

Also it made my apartment smell awesome. Added bonus.

 I was instructed to look "wistfully at the pie", so I will go ahead and cross "being a pie model" off of my list, too. You're welcome Pillsbury.

The pie was a hit. With some Bluebell vanilla, it was quite delicious. One of my friends commented that this was probably more appropriate for a fall bucket list rather than a summer, but I'm claiming my pie stripes anyway and crossing #3 off the list.

I've been checking some other stuff off that I'll be sure to share later this week- along with a playlist. Until then, enjoy your June!

PS- I took all these pictures with iPhone. Convenient, but not stellar quality. Anyone have any recommendations for a good, durable camera that's not the price of my first born? Any advice would be great!


  1. I tried to make an apple pie a couple of months ago but it looked nowhere near as good as this one does! It was tasty though lol ♥

    1. Taste is definitely the #1 factor in pie making. Congrats, you definitely earned your pie stripes, too. Thank you for reading!!