Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wonderful T Swift in Wonderland Magazine

Here's one thing I'm just about sure of: if Taylor Swift and I met in real life, we'd probably be best friends. It all adds up. We both jumped on the blonde-with-bangs bandwagon. We both like to sing about how awful people are sometimes (one of us a little more publicly, though). We both enjoy some red lipstick. She likes to pretend she's from the south; I am actually am from the south. I don't see one reason why it wouldn't work out.

Here's another thing that I'm positive about: T Swift is looking foine in the newest issue of Wonderland Magazine where she's the cover girl. Seriously, look at these great pictures:

I love how fun and retro she looks in each of these. It's so interesting to see how she's transformed her look from a whimsical popish-country style to a modern take on hipper, throw-back combinations. 
So I'm sold, but what do you think about Taylor's new look?
To see more of Taylor Swift check out the latest issue of Wonderland!

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