Friday, May 24, 2013


"IF YOU LIKE IT, PUT A RING ON IT" is what my finger has been saying to my brain lately. I have never truly been a ring-wearer. For one, I am a victim of what scientists call "tiny fingers", and nice size 5 fashion rings aren't just falling from the sky. Also, I've always found that if you start wearing rings your fingers feel extra naked when they're not wearing them. And that could turn into an expensive habit, my friends!

However, as of lately, I feel especially inclined to hunt down the perfect everyday ring. I think they add such personality, style, and a little twinkle to your digits. Plus, it occurred to me I spend so much time making sure my face looks good in the morning, and I can't even see that! I see my hands all the time. Time to make you guys pretty. Sorry I'm just not getting to it.

Here are my favorite ring finds so far. Tell me what you think or if you have any suggestions (if something rings a bell...haha).

My faaaavorite so far.

Nice and Earthy.

Every ring from Odette is beautiful. 

Love the shape.

It's a fox!

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