Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Backyard Summer Parties

Guys, I have got the itch. The party itch. Maybe it's the great wedding I just went to, maybe it's the beautiful weather, or maybe it's my innate party animal that just can't be tamed, but I am feeling the urge to throw a backyard shindig.

Although this is really just a pipe dream (I mean, apartment complexes don't exactly have backyards...), I was hugely inspired by the work of Yeah! Rentals. They specialize in a unique, Mid-Century kind of chic that is perfect for a backyard summer bash. 

Yeah! Rentals outfitted several parties that are great eye candy for those who are looking to plan an event, or for those that just want to live vicariously through pretty pictures. My favorite events I saw were the always beautiful DesignLoveFest's Mixology Event and a "Send-Off to Parenthood Party" (to awesome to just be called a baby shower) for a Texan and Australian native who were expecting. I am honestly green with envy over both of these events. They are almost too pretty to be real! Check out my favorite images from those events and some other great Yeah! Rental set-ups below. 

See the Mid-Century Texan Outback Baby Shower here.
See DesignLoveFest's Mixology event here.
And, of course, the amazing Yeah! Rentals here
All the other event images can be found on Yeah! Rental's blog.

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