Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brooklyn Hipsters

Refinery 29 has a funny new post up illustrating some of Brooklyn's most typical hipsters. Living in Austin, I see some definite similarities. Take a look at some of my favorites:

The DIY Hipster
Often found: Canning, pickling, making jewelry, leather-working, urban farming...and putting them all up on their Etsy shops later 
Brooklyn neighborhood of choice:Clinton Hill and Fort Greene 
Favorite bands: Belle and Sebastian, Foxygen, Kurt Vile
The Warehouse Hipster
Often found: In a cloud of smoke at 285 Kent or Bossa Nova Civic Club 
Brooklyn neighborhood of choice:Bushwick and Bedstuy 
Favorite bands: Light Asylum, DJ Rashad, Prince Rama
The Opening Ceremony Hipster
Often found: Attending fashion parties, attending art school, attending cooking classes (all while curiously pulling off pants in crazy shapes). 
Brooklyn neighborhood of choice:Greenpoint and DUMBO 
Favorite band: Bat For Lashes, Os Mutantes, A$AP Rocky

For a more, check out the complete article here
Also, if you're like me and get a kick out of things like this, look at this gem: a timeline of hipsterdom. I found that little treasure about a year ago in a class I took called "The Rhetoric of Hipsterdom." Wasn't lying when I said I liked this junk.
Now go have a great Cinco De Mayo 

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